7 Ways To Spark Creativity



When you have a spark of it, you feel like you're on top of the world. Like, you can do anything.

Unfortunately, that big wave of inspiration can come and go.
So how do we find it again?

Here are 7 ways I keep the creative fire going:

Go for a drive.

One of the best ways for me to think is to go for a drive. Just me. Alone. Playing my favorite tunes. No place I have to rush to. It seems every time I go for a drive under these circumstances, ideas flood my head. These drives don't get to happen often, so I really enjoy them when they do.

Execute your dream project.

Maybe you already have a cool idea just floating around in your head. One you've been waiting for the "perfect" moment to pursue because it might be different than what you normally do.
Personally, I find when I finally take the plunge and create something that has been in my head it's like I release a whole new set of ideas just by trying something new... And to be honest with you, there is an idea I have that’s really different than what I normally do and I set timers and make myself work on it.
Sometimes the best way to be more creative is to simply CREATE. 

Get uncomfortable.

Several years ago I was taking photos at a farmers market in San Fransisco and a person walking toward me literally blocked their face and threw their other hand up to block my camera as they walked by (I'm talking her hand was 2 inches from my lens). Even though I was't trying to take HER picture (just trying to get a snap of the flowers people! Calm down! Also, who do you even think you are?), it stuck with me. So, for a while when I was traveling there would be times when I’ll felt a little insecure trying to get the shot I want. "What if people are looking at me? Are they going to think I’m totally lame? Is someone going to try and karate chop my camera? Is my butt crack showing?" But the thing is.. WHO CARES. If there is a shot I want to get, I should! 
By putting insecurity and fear aside you open the door for creativity to take over. And that’s a really beautiful thing.


I’m a photographer. That’s my main art medium and my job, but I also like to paint. Painting is by no means my profession, and because of that, it’s something I can do just for the fun of it. It allows me to get the creative juices flowing without any pressure. And even though painting is very different then photography, sometimes it inspires a vision for a photograph or project. All while giving me time to relax. Win win.


Go out and admire all the beauty! Or go on a hunt to find something unique! You don’t have to travel far to find inspiration… Art galleries. Street Art. Antique shops. The flipping grocery store! (Inspiration is everywhere, hallelujah!) Notice what you're drawn to and try to note why. Is it the color? the texture? the light? a new perspective? Admiring beauty or form of any kind can send a spark straight to your soul and inspire something totally different and new.

7 Ways to Spark Creativity | The Whitefeather Journal

Call your best friend (*cough* mom).

Call up someone you trust and bounce some ideas around. Take the list of random thoughts you have scribbled on some notebook paper on your bed side (not that I do that or anything. was that too specific?), and ask for opinions (but only of course if you actually care to have them). Sometimes just saying your ideas out loud allows you to feel them and see if it's something you actually want to pursue. And of course listening to ideas or advice from a loved one never hurt (urm, at least hopefully). Sharing ideas with someone can build confidence to actually do something about it.. because at that point it's not just an idea floating around in your head. We actually have someone who is going to ask "how's that blahblah project going". We're held accountable to actually DO something with those little (big) ideas floating around in our head. 

Brain Dump.

When all else fails, grab a notebook and just write out all your thoughts and ideas. even if it’s an unfinished one word thought or a doodle of a person eating a sandwich (I mean, maybe you’re just hungry ya know?;). Get it out and on paper.
Anytime I have an idea I’ll write it down and expand on it later when inspiration strikes. Even if it’s something tiny write it down because you never know what it can turn into.

So, those are some ways I keep the creative juices flowing.

What works for you?